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Partner webinar 3KEYS and CRPT «Labeling of medical devices»


We are happy to invite you to the partner webinar of CRPT operator and 3KEYS "Experiment on labeling specific types of medical devices".

The webinar will be held on 03.03.2022 at 11:00 (MSK).

At the webinar, you will learn general information about the labeling experiment of medical devices, the Operator (CRPT), and the format for participants to work within the experiment.

Webinar Program:

- Regulatory basis and conditions of the experiment on labeling specific types of medical devices

- Format of the Operator's work with the participants of the experiment - About the labeling system, labeling code, requirements for participants of the labeling system

- How to become a participant in the experiment. Presentation by a representative of 3KEYS

- About 3KEYS - Impact of labeling on business processes of goods turnover participants

- Experience from other industries

- How to prepare for the introduction of marking

Registration for the webinar is available