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Serialization in CIS countries. Legislation updates in Kyrgyzstan.


On February 9, 2023 the Kyrgyzstan Cabinet of Ministers approved a resolution "On the Implementation of a Pharmaceutical Traceability System in the Kyrgyz Republic," which marks the launch and phased implementation of a pharmaceutical traceability system for products manufactured, imported, and sold within the country. The Department of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices at the Ministry of Health will be responsible for implementing and maintaining the Electronic Database of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices (EDB), the information system that will enable the traceability of pharmaceutical products. All participants in the pharmaceutical market, including manufacturers, importers, sellers, and medical institutions, will be required to register in the system to use the labeling. The regulation as well establishes the procedures for ensuring the traceability of pharmaceutical products, which include requirements for the composition and application of traceability codes based on GS1 standards. The new labeling regulation and national labeling project aim to enhance the safety, quality, and efficiency of pharmaceutical products in Kyrgyzstan. Through the implementation of a traceability system, the government seeks to improve drug supply chain management, detect and prevent the distribution of counterfeit drugs, and facilitate product recalls if necessary.

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