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The implementation of Serialization and Track & Trace impacts numerous processes within your company and necessitates a comprehensive strategy. Simultaneously, many businesses are confronting new legal requirements for traceability, often starting from scratch in this domain.
To assist you in this initial phase, we have assembled crucial baseline information on this page to guide your first steps towards compliance and proficiency.


Check if you know Track & Trace basics

SERIALIZATION is the process of assigning a unique identifier to each specific product or packaging level. This identifier can be printed on the on the product, consumer package or on the group package, making every item or packaging level distinct and traceable individually.

In the Supply Chain, TRACK & TRACE refers to the systematic approach of tracking the journey of products and tracing their history. This method ensures the ability to confirm a product's origin, understand its touchpoints, and validate its authenticity.

Alongside T&T, which offers a detailed view, there's a more streamlined concept of lot traceability, where a batch of products is assigned a single identifier, tracking them as a group rather than as individuals. This approach is often used for products that don't require individual tracking, making the process more manageable without compromising safety.

TRACKING involves recording the live journey of products, including their serialization status, as they move through various points in the supply chain.

TRACING is about looking back and verifying the recorded history of these products to confirm their paths and touchpoints.

AGGREGATION is another important process where individual products are grouped into larger units, like cases, boxes, or pallets, creating a documented link between the unique identifiers of products and the group as a whole.

Through these methods, TRACK & TRACE is achieved, ensuring that every step of a product's journey can be detailed, authenticated, and, if necessary, recalled with precision.

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