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Our company's expertise is manifested in three connected areas of business.

The consulting business

We help other companies to find or develop and implement the right Track & Trace solution. You can rely on us as industry- or solution provider-agnostic specialists. We enrich new industries with our experience in advanced Track & Trace markets and IT solutions. We have unique, trailblazing knowledge in GBT—the projects with the highest level of transparency.

Product development

A dedicated product team creates our products for Track & Trace. The team builds these products using pedigree-level technologies, deep T&T knowledge, and experience from projects successfully delivered worldwide. The quality level of our products is reflected by certifications from industry leaders and explicit clients' references.


3KEYS Support Services are provided for any Track & Trace solution used at your company, operational and integration issues with line systems, external partners, national repositories, and other external systems.

Unique expertise in Supply Chain processes, products and technologies of serialization and T&T

Make your Supply Chain secure.

3KEYS accumulated a profound experience in delivering T&T projects and making supply chains across industries worldwide - “T&T ready.”

Digitalize your Supply Chain.

3KEYS developed proprietary T&T products for automatization and digitalization of Supply Chains. These products are recognized and certified.

Mitigate your business risks.

3KEYS has extensive expertise in implementing Serialisation and T&T for Manufacturers across industries. This helps to keep the impact on business under control, as T&T regulations deeply affect business processes.

Protect your brands.

3KEYS developed several T&T solutions involving Blockchain, NFT, and other technologies to bring brand protection as high as ever before.