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Kvinta is a modern, flexible SaaS solution that addresses the traceability and serialization needs of businesses across the supply chain in various industries.

Kvinta easily integrates into the company’s IT landscape and business processes, onboards supply chain partners, and reports to the government systems, mitigating business risks and creating business opportunities.

Kvinta makes you T&T ready

“T&T ready” means being able to track all relevant activities that happen to physical units with a unique id as long as they reside within your responsibility, to identify their current status and location, as well as to trace their history, and to exchange such information with supply chain partners or authorities in case regulations require to do so.

Kvinta works business runs

Kvinta is a dedicated Track & Trace solution that digitalises various business scenarios across the supply chain in diverse industries to provide businesses with T&T readiness. Manufacturers, Distributors, Warehouses, 3PLs, and Retail are engaged in hundreds of logistic processes and Kvinta orchestrates them from a Serialization and Track&Trace perspective, creating business opportunities and providing compliance.

Kvinta is a cross-industry solution that is used globally. The core architecture and technologies allow Kvinta’s customers to extend generic capabilities by choosing an industry and market-specific services and features according to their needs. The key benefits of Kvinta are available for everyone, and compliance is provided based on dedicated industry/market features.


Kvinta offers industry/market-specific features for a reason: T&T is influenced by business practices and has to align with existing processes that vary across industries. Kvinta tailors functionalities to best cover these variations and therefore eases integration, implementation, and rollouts to different markets.


  • The complexity of regulations (if applicable)
  • The complexity of supply chains and business practices
  • Companies' IT landscape variability
  • The export-import practices and regulations
  • The level of EDI and other services integration
  • The level of T&T application required (from basic serialization to full traceability)

The core of Kvinta functionality applies to any industry. Kvinta orchestrates the T&T data and supports T&T's function across a company and/or a chain of partners.

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Why we recommend Kvinta

High-end delivery
As an enterprise IT solution, Kvinta follows the "delivery - hypercare - support" process providing unprecedented quality of integration. At the heart of projects’ delivery expertise is the extensive experience of handpicked partners. These teams implemented complicated projects worldwide to provide the best delivery service with Kvinta.
Top support
As an enterprise IT solution, Kvinta provides comprehensive and flexible support options. Based on the company’s needs and preferences, Kvinta is supported up to 24×7 in different languages and offers various support packages. The guiding principle of Kvinta’s support service is to enable the overall performance of your integrated T&T solution and related business processes, not limited to Kvinta itself.
Ultimate flexibility
In the fast-changing world, Flexibility is the key. Kvinta is based on the technology that gives the deployment process unprecedented flexibility. The solution is designed to provide a mix-and-match approach, which reduces maintenance, cloud infrastructure, and regression testing costs. It can include client-specific logic and change the design of the tailored solution in the future. The cost-efficient model of Kvinta reflects the requested load on the system and market-specific conditions.
Fully integrated mobile solution
Kvinta is a SaaS with a powerful built-in mobile solution available on standard Android devices. The mobile solution supports all the main operations and can include business-specific logic. With the device management you can seamlessly add external parties to your application, e.g. let suppliers or partner companies integrate with Kvinta without any additional effort. The Mobile solution interface is supported by the web portal interface for data management, controll and reporting purposes.
Top perfomance
The proven stack of technologies and embedded scalability concept enables Kvinta to be a top-performance solution. Kvinta can automatically balance the system's load for all its time-critical operations, including the validation process, data mapping, reporting, etc. The efficiency of data storing and distributed data processing is Kvinta's key to scaling. Kvinta automatically scales the processing capacity according to the business demand regarding data volume and rolls out new functionalities without impacting downtimes.
Cost-efficient pricing model
A highly competitive pricing model is several times more affordable than most prominent solutions currently on the market due to the flexible architecture of the solution.
Analytics capability
Kvinta uses Machine learning and for problem detection and resolution, anomaly detection and smart alarm triggering. The solution is capable of lean product recall process management and the efficiency assessment of supply chain partners.
High-end security
All customer data are encrypted in flight and at rest. Additional Blockchain workflows enable an even higher level of security.