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Consulting Services

The 3KEYS team designs and delivers end-to-end Track & Trace and Serialization projects, as well as providing consulting services for the specific project phase, depending on the requirements of the client. Our team consists of very experienced Senior Functional Consultants, Senior Solution Architects, and Solution Owners.

Compliance Advice

Our Track & Trace process starts with the governments that establish strict rules and develop tools to protect businesses and consumers from forgery and to prevent the loss of revenue and taxes. Our 3KEYS consultants have extensive knowledge of regulations (EU TPD, FCTC, EU FMD, US DSCSA, Russian “Markirovka” project (CRPT), and others) for different industries and countries. This enables us to help you to respond to the compliance regulations imposed by the government of the country where you conduct business. Furthermore, 3KEYS provides advice on upcoming Track & Trace regulations to make sure you are compliant ahead of the deadline. Our approach avoids complications that could arise in the event of missed deadlines, such as fines and disruptions in operations.

Business Impact Analysis

It goes without saying that Serialization has a drastic impact on your business processes. 3KEYS can help you to understand the impacts of compliance on your internal processes. We can also advise on how to address such impacts in the most efficient manner without disrupting company operations. You will notice that Serialization has a positive effect on your company's internal processes and ROI. Increased quality assurance, minimization of product recalls, real-time inventory data, and integrity of the supply chain are among many other benefits that come along with Product Serialization.

Analysis and Design

The 3KEYS team analyses business requirements and As-Is processes map them into To-Be processes and verify that the design conforms to required standards. If there are gaps 3KEYS will provide you with an exact plan with a recommendation for a solution.


3KEYS is a vendor-agnostic company. We develop tailored solutions and select vendors according to the project needs. 3KEYS implements Serialization and Track & Trace Systems to ensure improved production and logistical efficiency, as well as assisting in providing the information required to report and show compliance to the government effectively and systematically.

System Validation

3KEYS is highly experienced in system validation (GxP, GAMP5). Adherence to all regulations when we are working e.g. for the pharmaceutical or other regulated industries goes without saying. We will deliver audit-proof results.

ABAP Developments

Our 3KEYS developers ensure that your IT systems are well maintained, provide IT support and technical guidance in a demanding environment. All while we improve the overall efficiency of your IT systems. The 3KEYS consultants are highly experienced in SAP ABAP and ABAP Object Oriented. We guarantee that precise programs and solutions are developed for your business. Another important component is that all relevant interrelationships with the technical area inside the SAP system are well explained and understood by your core team.

JAVA Developments

3KEYS developers are experienced in creating and supporting enterprise-grade serialization solutions and connectivity adapters using a wide variety of programming languages and platforms, including Java stack, .NET, Python, JS, and more. We have proven experience in delivering both on-premises and cloud solutions tailored to customer needs.


We provide our clients with highly experienced Project Managers in Serialization and Track & Trace. Our Project Managers have experience across multiple countries and industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco, FMCG, and others. These Project Managers are experienced in handling large projects across the globe, cooperating with multiple suppliers, and performing a mixed team delivery approach. When working with 3KEYS, your projects are managed effectively and efficiently: with the right resources, the right skills, at very competitive rates, and flexibility in project staffing.


To ensure seamless business as usual operations and capability of your staff to navigate and manage the new Track & Trace system - we develop effective training to transfer the new knowledge. 3KEYS provides the consistent training program with a focus on guidance and delivery throughout the project.


After the training is completed, our team is still available to answer all your questions and to tackle all possible problems that may arise. 3KEYS provides 24 X 7 Track & Trace support by the offshore team and 8 X 5 support by the German team.