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Significantly reduces Track & Trace project costs, keeping the quality at the highest level

Core team

This team consists of very experienced and Senior Functional Consultants, Senior Solution Architects, and Solution Owners from all over the world. These people share the most valuable knowledge across projects regularly, collect the expertise of the company, and interact directly with our clients. They are the best of the breed in Track & Trace worldwide.

Nearshore team

Experienced functional members with a perfect Track & Trace project record. This team is mainly based in Eastern Europe and Russia and delivers international and local projects at the highest standards.

Offshore team

This team primarily supports the Nearshore team and is focused on local projects in the Asia-Pacific region. The region is highly competitive for the most professional people, and our native presence there helps in hiring the best of the best.

Project Delivery

3KEYS can deliver the whole project life cycle as well as specific phases of the project. Our specialists are able to apply different project delivery methodologies: Waterfall, Agile, or Mixed.

Waterfall Model
Agile Scrum Methodology


3KEYS is able to adjust the number of project resources flexibly according to the needs of the customer. A dedicated focus will be placed on expanding and maintaining knowledge within the customer's organisation.