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3KEYS Webinar. Labeling of Nutritional Supplements in the CIS: Regulatory Requirements, Features and Experience of Other Industries.


Regulator requirements, features, and experiences of other industries.

- What is Track&Trace

- Features of Nutritional Supplements market labeling, plans, and regulations, impact on business

- Experiences of other industries, key takeaways. - Herbalife Nutrition: peculiarities of work with complex supply chain and import

- Peculiarities of work with production in the Russian Federation.

Speakers: MIKHAIL KORNIENKO, 3Keys, CIS Key Account Director

PAVEL LEGKODYMOV, 3Keys, Label Consultant

YANA POPOVA, 3Keys, Senior Business Consultant

DMITRIY BORETS, Herbalife, Logistics Manager

LUBBY ANDREEVA, CRPT, Pharma Group Project Manager

IGOR IVANOV, CRPT, Partner Relationships Department Project Manager